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Anyone looking for a job will find what something here

Introduce yourself ...

... You would have a secure, well-paid job with insight into various industries and companies, without having to commit yourself from the start. PRIMUS combines social protection with a lot of variety

Good prospects

You sign the agreement confirming your rate of pay directly with us, but work for a limited period in one of our client companies. This means that you can combine the advantages of a well-paid permanent position with the freedom to gain familiarity with various working environments and companies. This will enable you to gain valuable experience, broaden your professional horizons and secure a successful future. Experienced HR consultants will support you along the way.

A successful record:
In the first year alone, around 40 per cent of our staff will be taken on by our corporate customers. Many staff even turn down these job offers, because they would prefer to stay with

Rewarding PRIMUS Benefits

  • Permanent employment relationship
  • Services secured by agreed rates of pay
  • Regular income
  • Full social protection
  • Continued payment of wages if there are no employment opportunitie
  • Varied activities
  • Further qualification in our client companies
  • Personal protective clothing provided as needed
  • Personal specialist advice to support you
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