PRIMUS Personaldienstleistungen – Der Partner an Ihrer Seite

Something that applicants often ask:

For your application we are asking for knowledge of German at language level B1 (“good knowledge of the German language“).

What happens if PRIMUS doesn't have an assignment for me?

The employment contract agreed with PRIMUS says quite clearly: The salary will continue to be paid even at times when there are no employment opportunities.

Why does PRIMUS often pay higher hourly wages than other temporary employment agencies?

We do not work with companies that only offer our staff a low hourly rate. We keep our internal administrative costs very low.

Do I have to accept every assignment that PRIMUS offers me?

No. After a successfully completed assignment, we believe it is our job to arrange a new job opportunity, but this is always done by agreement with you.

What do I earn as a temporary employee and do I have to give PRIMUS any of what I earn?

Earnings are governed by a contract covering your pay rate. The good thing is that most Primus staff earn even more than the going rate. You don't have to pay anything to PRIMUS, because the companies employing you pay us.

Can older employees also get the chance to find a job with PRIMUS?

Definitely! Our partner companies particularly appreciate the expertise offered by experienced employees. We have already been able to offer interesting opportunities for many older applicants who have had difficulties in finding a job.

What if the company that is hiring me offers to take me on? Am I allowed to accept without any further issues?

We want every member of staff to feel comfortable working with us. But of course we know that our partner companies often make very interesting offers to take people on. We support this.

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